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Hello, I am Maeva Cecchi

Creative product designer.

Currently at Amadeus (Business Incubator)


Lead UX

Design to solve user needs

  • Co-build UX strategy. With users... and you.
  • Coach and support UX teams
  • Support for efficient Design System
  • Design and produce materials. Always ;-)

Accessibility advocate

Design for inclusivity

  • Audits and recommendations following WCAG
  • Accessibility training
  • "AX Ops": How to integrate accessibility in your products?
  • Delivering inclusive UI’s


I design with passion. I’m willing to learn and to share. I believe the collaboration between all stakeholders is key to achieve a successful project.

From a freelancer life to a UX lead position at Amadeus, an international company, I worked on complex systems for major travel actors such as airlines or travel agencies. I also designed e-commerce and B2C projects.

I love working on innovative projects to solve problems with a user centric approach.

Last but not least, I’m a chocolate fan :-)

Let's talk! (FR-EN)

I'm available on LinkedIn